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At Sharman Design you will find a wide range of specialized design services to accommodate your unique needs. Each project is a new challenge to help find better functionality. Whether that is in the full design of a new home, A remodel of an existing space or the creation of a simple piece of furniture. My goal is to create a space that inspires and cultivates a successful life.

// Recent Projects.

// Tiny House.

The Tiny house was the first major project I created from beginning to end on my own. It was inspired to escape extreme housing costs and for a hope to simplify life. The exterior is stained cedar siding picked for its light weight and long-lasting ability against harsh north west rains. The windows are reclaimed from old houses salvaged to reduce waste and give them a second life on the tiny house. On the inside you will find 100-year-old fir floors. The floors tell a story and give the house character. Cedar plank whitewashed boards line the walls to create a light airy space while making the house feel warm and inviting. I am always amazed how big the house feels inside. The unique roof line inside keeps your eye curious about where the spaces lead next. Designing efficient small-scale places is when I feel most creative. The tiny house is truly my greatest masterpiece!

// Green House.

The green house was a test of limited budget and reused materials. It started with digging out a section of the hill to create a flat section to build on. My brother and I used a pallet of cinder blocks to create the foundation and help hold back the hill. I oriented the green house to capture the southern light all day. A simple angled roof allowed us to get the best light and created a fun modern shaped green house. The windows were all salvaged from old houses. The door is from an old barn that was torn down. The siding is leftover oak flooring I had from another project. Inside you will find a wall of windows and an L shaped raised planter. I love this project because it feels so original and was done on a small budget with little waste.

// Big Blue.

Big blue is a house I personal purchase and renovated. I have been able to transform this property from being an eye sore in the neighborhood to a lively property with a creative spin. It was named after the nasty plastic blue siding the previous owners had installed. Sometimes a project must be phased out over time due to budgetary constraints. This house has been a great way for me to test ideas and get creative. Even though I would love to tare the siding off and put new windows in now I have made the decision to work with what I have. I replaced the ugly slider with a second use french door with two side lights. The basement has been fully renovated into a mother in law living space. The upper floors have been refinished to the original wood. every surface has been repainted. The kitchen and bathrooms have been updated. The yard has seen extensive work removing garbage and overgrown plants. This project continually evolves and gets more beautiful. To me big blue is an example of how a project can be phased out and still be enjoyable as you go. 

// Morgan Farm Sign.

Designed to celebrate the entrance to a great farm. This was a fun project that I got to collaborate with the wonderful artist Valeria Merino. Working with an artist to create a unique piece is one of my favorite ways to make a project extra personalized. 



I have had the pleasure of helping decorate for many weddings. It has always been a fun way to get creative about how to accommodate a big group of people while celebrating a special couple’s big day. This wedding was one of my favorites. The wedding took place in an airplane hangar. It was extremely unique and such a magical venue. 


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